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Who We Are

SoundView is here to spread the power of cannabis tastefully. Known for our “work hard, relax hard” energy, we’re all about turning the everyday into something extraordinary.

In our kitchen we’ve crafted a feeling, a way of life, a difference you can taste. Inspired by our goal of delivering exceptional, consumer-minded products, we’re making our mark and helping you live in the moment.

Make life sound, elevate your view.

Where to Find Us

The SoundView Life

We're here to set a new tone and change the mindset of the present culture. Kick back or climb the ladder, either way, life is meant to be enjoyed along the way.

SoundView is founded on three main values:

Creating Moments

We want to help you create adventure in every moment - even the mundane. Our products are created with intention so you can craft a life of purpose.

Quality First

Safety, well-being, and quality are non-negotiable at every step of the process. We implement rigorous assurance measures that exceed regulatory requirements.


We are dedicated to educating consumers about cannabis and advocating for its responsible use, empowering individuals to make informed decisions and contributing to the destigmatization of cannabis.

Letter from the Founders

Welcome to SoundView, where our mission is to revolutionize the way people perceive and experience cannabis consumption through our exceptionally formulated products.

From novice to expert, our range of products are created to meet you where you are and to enhance your unique journey.

I’m proud to say we’re veteran, woman, and minority-owned company. My fiancé Kelsey and I are excited to share how our commitment to understanding and meeting your unique needs is transforming the cannabis landscape.

SoundView is a Connecticut native. This is our home, and we’re here to make good on our promise to enhance your well-being through our tailored cannabis products that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle.

Embark on this adventure with us as we collectively redefine what’s possible in the world of cannabis.

We can’t wait to shape the future together.

– Nick & Kelsey

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